Do you remember how it feels,

when the first snow comes?

Everything is quiet.

Everything glitters and shines ...

Do you remember how it feels feels,

to dive into the ocean after a long time ...?

Your body feels totally free. You feel weightless ... Almost like a fish ...

Do you remember how it feels,

seeing an animal in the wild?

Do you remember know how it feels? ...

Nature is suffering.

We have to protect her.

We work with organic materials

Fabric: organic cotton, 6 qualities 

Print: toxic free

Labels: recycled polyester 

Rubber waistbands: natural rubber & organic cotton

Bottons: Tagua nut

Zippers: metal & polyester (toxic free)

Thread: wood fiber

Hanging ribbon: recycled polyester 


We produce fair trade

Our partner in the south of Germany produced our prototypes. This is where there is still a textile industry. The working conditions are good, and the pay is fair. Our relationship is based on trust and respect.

Should we begin to produce internationally, we will always produce under Fair Trade Principles:

  • Long-Term Direct Trading Relationships

  • Payment of Fair Prices

  • No Child Labour, No Forced or Otherwise Exploited Labour

  • No-Discrimination at Work 

  • Gender Equity & Freedom of Association

  • Democratic & Transparent Organisations

  • Safe Working Conditions Reasonable Working Hours

  • Traceability & Transparency

  • Investment in Community Development Projects - in the western world this is mainly done by the government. In many less developed countries the government does not build infrastructure, welfare or education systems. But this is so urgently needed, so the local population can help themselves out of poverty, and build an independent country for themselves.

© 2021 Nicola Metzger